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Ways of aging: caring at home, the best option

When a family member, or acquaintance, approaches old age and his faculties begin to regress, many doubts may arise about how to face this time to guarantee, at all times, care that meets the needs of the elderly. In a residence or home care , many are the options that can be chosen, and many are the questions that must be answered. Aging with dignity The loss of physical conditions means an increase in the dependency of the elderly who see how their increasing physical and mental limitations can hinder their day to day, pushing them to a sedentary and negative routine for their health. A fish that bites its tail. A circle that is very difficult to find an accessible outlet to maintain well-being during the elderly. Aging with dignity means empowering the elderly with the necessary powers to have a stage with maximum freedom and independence. A process that must inevitably go hand in hand with external help to try to achieve this situation. What alternatives are there? Facing