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Difference between Permit C, Permit C + E, Permit C1 and Permit C1 + E

To be a truck driver it is essential to obtain a truck license but depending on the vehicle to be driven, the C license, the C + E license, the C1 license or the C1 + E license is required. In our driving schools in Valencia we prepare to obtain all these driving licenses, although what is popularly known as a truck license actually refers to the C1 driving license, which can be defined as the basic license to be able to drive a truck. What do the different truck licenses authorize? The C1 driving license or truck license authorizes the driving of vehicles that exceed 3,500 kg of maximum authorized mass and do not exceed 7,500 kg of maximum authorized mass. They will also be able to carry a trailer of up to 750 kg and transport up to 8 passengers, in addition to the driver. The difference with the C1 + E permit is that it allows to carry a trailer of more than 750 Kg. The driving license C authorizes the driving of vehicles other than those authorized to drive by the class D1 or