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Workplace bullying or harassment: face it with these 3 actions

The workplace harassment or bullying has consequences not only in your professional life, can also affect you on a personal level! Implement these tips and kill him. The bullying work, better known as mobbing is as old social problem as the work itself, but in recent decades has become important in the field of Human Resources as one of the greatest threats to the balance of any worker and any company. In 2020 we applied a survey to find out if most employees have been victims of this type of harassment. The results were shocking: 7 out of 10 respondents have been the victim of harassment by their bosses or superior staff. How to identify workplace harassment? The World Health Organization defines mobbing as a situation of recurrent violence or harassment directed at a person with the aim of isolating him from a work group; it is characterized by cruel and hostile behaviors that turn into psychological torture for the victim. Some manifestations can be: Rumors and slander Is