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Garage doors: different types...

There are several types of garage doors. Very different from each other, they are to choose according to the dimensions and the configuration of your garage. Tilting garage doors price. The tilting garage doors is a very popular garage door. It uses a system of rails and is housed under the ceiling. Some counterweight models do not need rails. It can also be motorized. In this case, its price will be much higher. This door, however, has a small flaw: it is not at all suitable for small garages. Garage doors replacement: The sectional garage doors. The sectional  garage door  is very popular with consumers because it is very practical. It can have a vertical or lateral opening. In both cases, it is composed of several sliding panels. The latter are lodged along a wall, or under the ceiling. It offers excellent thermal insulation and has another advantage: it does not overflow to the outside.It does not lose any space in front of the garage, which is handy if y