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The importance of physiotherapy today

  The importance of physiotherapy today has become very notable since it is one of the most requested treatments with respect to the health services provided by both public and private health institutions. However, surely there are many people who are not clear about what this discipline is about and how it can benefit us. Next, we are going to offer you information about physical therapies to explain what is important for our day to day. What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is developed through exercises for therapeutic purposes. For example, the application of cold or heat in affected areas, rehabilitation in the water, orthopedic massages, etc. All that goes after diagnosis has been made. This can be based on radiographic, electrical or manual tests to measure the magnitude of the injury and musculoskeletal strength and mobility. Each test provides accurate data on the capabilities, functionality and range of motion of the joints. With this information, the physio will help us rega