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What To Expect When Seeing A Psychologist For The First Time

Now as you will know I've been a psychologist now Health and Wellbeing for over years so I've run a lot of first sessions with a lot of different people and while sessions do change from person to person the first session usually follows a variety of different guidelines. So that I can gather the information that I need to newcastle psychologist best help you so even if you're seeing a psychologist that's not me chances are you may encounter a few of these things firstly you may have to wait in the waiting room for your first appointment longer than you thought you would this could be because the psychologist is running over time in their previous session. What I've noticed is sometimes clients will bring up something psychological services really important right near the end of their visit and I need to support them and I need to help them through that moment and I'm gonna take the time that is needed to work through that together rest assured yo