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7 things that you should never do in a hotel

Although you may feel at home, remember that you are not alone. Although its leaders intend to make us feel like we were at home, we cannot forget that hotels establishments are shared with other guests and, therefore, require compliance with certain rules, many of them unwritten. During the stay, it is essential, above all, to be cautious and be careful with the rest of the clients and above all, with the staff who attend us. This will largely depend on whether our experience is pleasant and pleasant. Therefore, it is worth remembering some basic rules and some other advice that you should keep in mind when you stay in a hotel. Make noise Shouting in the corridors, TV or loud music, conversations in excessive tones, clicking in the room , excessively loud. Without a doubt, one of the things that annoys the rest of the guests the most and that alters the most coexistence in a hotel is noise. And there is nothing more irritating than not being able to reconcile the floor or wak