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The 3 keys to a selection process

We have talked before about the importance of taking care of our potential employees, for example during the onboarding process. Today we continue in our desire to help all those companies that are growing or that want to improve their attraction of talent, and we discover the 3 key points that you should always think about during the selection processes so that you can recruit the best candidates. 3 Tips for a successful recruitment 1- Take care of the management of the recruitment processes We have already said in other articles, the process of selecting a company can be a very good indicator of its business culture and can greatly affect its employer branding and attractiveness, as we will see below. In the same way that we must choose the right human resources software to manage our employees, we must also choose a program that suits our needs when it comes to attracting and hiring talent. A good tool for managing selection processes will avoid wasting time, money and wil

How to know if I have hired a professional locksmith?

Unfortunately, the world is not full of honest and responsible people. In recent years, the locksmith industry has been filled with unprofessional people calling themselves locksmiths to scam people. Hence, today, we know which locksmith we are hiring, a fake or a professional? Many times it is not easy to distinguish one from the other, although there are certain factors and details that can help you detect a professional locksmith. Next, we explain how to know if you have hired a professional locksmith . There are many scam locksmiths, why? Labor intrusion is not exclusive to locksmiths. Scammers exist in every profession in the world, so we should not be surprised that there are many scammers in the noble craft of locksmith. First of all, it must be established that the concept of "scammer locksmith" corresponds to anyone who offers a locksmith service without being a registered locksmith and in exchange for a certain amount of money. Within the wide range of scam lo

Wine label design tips that sells

There is one certain thing under the sun. For many excellent professionals dedicated to the design of wine and packaging labels that exist in our country, as much as we advise that you do not leave the design of your labels to low-skilled professionals, we know that many will continue to do so. Is a reality. Whether due to cost, lack of confidence or lack of importance, many winemakers continue to invest huge amounts in improving their production processes, and forget the enormous differentials that investing in Branding, good Marketing, or good design means for a brand. And yes, the label of your wine is VERY important so that it sells more and better. You just need to discover this article from the Wine Design website that states that 80% of new wine consumers base their purchase on the label. Do you still think it is not important? Therefore, today in our post we are going to expand a little more than usual, revealing in the following lines the arcana secrets that designers k