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The 7 advantages that a smart home will give you

  The term smart home was something that, a few years ago, we could only contemplate in the special effects of the big screen. Those huge houses, where by voice control or with a clap they could turn the lights on or off, and raise or lower the blinds seemed unthinkable to use in our home. Until today. With the advances in new technologies that have been added year after year, today we can make our installation capable of responding to our needs, even without us doing anything. In our day to day there are multiple actions that are carried out repeatedly, such as activating or deactivating the house alarm or turning on the garden lights when it is night. These actions are often associated with your arrival, at the time of the day or associated with another action. With an intelligent system you can stop being aware of all those things to be able to dedicate yourself to what really matters. Surely you have already heard about all this, but what you really want to know is exactly what we