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What help is there for the elderly?

As a result of age or certain diseases, older people can go from being totally autonomous to being considered dependent. A situation in which, in addition to the dependent himself, his family will also need help. In this context, there are numerous services and resources that seek to improve your quality of life, as well as that of your environment, offering support for day-to-day life . If you want to know what help there are for older people, in this article we discover them. Help for dependency The increase in life expectancy and the aging of the population have led in recent years to deepen the needs of the elderly. One of the laws that seeks to protect and cover these needs is the Dependency Law, which records what aid is available for dependent elderly people, degrees of dependency and the procedures to be carried out to access the different services and benefits aimed at improving the quality of life and care of dependents. Degrees of dependency The law considers as d