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Performing a Building Inspections Sydney

That I was expecting Building Inspections to have I might talk to my clients and say so that a little bit excessive voltage drop compared to the others but we are farther away from the electrical panels we would expect to see some kind of a voltage drop difference that way but whenever I see something that's different it's what I like to do a little bit more further evaluation just to make sure.

We're good sometimes they'll miss an outlet and we'll still have a wire nod or we'll have something improper it looks like I can get at this window even building Inspection Report though we have some some knickknacks there but we're going to open close the windows make sure they lock securely now one thing we run into once in a while is a low window in a bedroom I do like to write that up a safety and talk to about young kids you know they want to put a lock on the windows.

So it can't be open very far so you won't want a child fall out of one of them here's the closet one of the things we look for here this is the fluorescent light bulb that's fine we want to make sure we're not seen incandescent sand in a clothes closet because they are a fire hazard okay now I like to close the door from both angles.

Building Inspections Sydney When the door has been replaced it doesn't tell me as much as if it's an original door sometimes that will tell us movement inside the house do we have cracking things like that we have a little crack up here which isn't a real uncommon place to have a crack but it does tell me I want to look when I get downstairs just see if everything adds up here's the attic access that's typically the last place I go I usually look.

If we have a crawlspace which this house has a crawlspace at a partial basement whichever is dirtier before I'm going to finish my inspection because I want to respect the house and not get injury that Building and Pest Inspection window looks like it might be a little bit high to me for current standards yeah that's at inches we really want to see Eagers window at so I tell my clients you know while that did comply it probably doesn't comply anymore.

So if you're going to replace windows which these are done some of our jurisdictions require you actually put a bigger window there Pest inspection Sydney so you know I just like to educate them on that you know as is that window works fine sometimes people will actually a step there if they have a little kids they should make it easier for them to get out again we have no smoke detectors didn't see any CO detectors down here so you know I'm going to make that recommendation here's our common area smoke back here this is where the grading wasn't good.

So I'm going to look here to see if we have any signs of moisture intrusion damage things like that if I see anything I'll use both an asbestos inspection infrared and a moisture meter receipts actually wet at this time right now it's looking pretty good we'll come back to this and address it shortly and here is our mechanicals our notice our laundry with our mechanicals back here so go to look is it accessible we have our three foot in front of this these are removable so our water heater can be put in the back corner