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How Does Exercise Physiology Newcastle help Athletes?

Exercise Physiology Newcastle step into the sports science laboratories to examine the role of exercise physiology in athlete preparation next to the coach there are several roles that play parts into the optimal preparation of athletes I'm one of the exercise physiologists newcastle that might help based on exercise tests that.

We perform be it in the climate chamber being on the device that they perform the exercise on based on test results Exercise physiology newcastle can advise coaches to adjust training schedules and to train in an optimal way exercise physiologists at the lab conduct tests in a controlled environment collating specific results for each athlete.

Which ultimately will help to define their maximum physiological training regime so Exercise physiology newcastle will do a test in the climate chamber to check how much sweat he will lose during exercise in certain climatologically conditions Exercise physiology newcastle weigh him before the exercise and we will weigh him after the exercise again to see how much body fluid he has lost next to checking how much fluid he's losing will also attach to sweat patches to collect some sweat.

Which Exercise physiology newcastle will analyze after the tests to check on the electrolyte loss how much sodium and how much chlorides there is in the sweat to be able to ingest this hydration strategies really accurately Exercise physiology newcastle put them in cubed and then we squeeze them out so we have an amount of sweat seventy two point eight.

So now we know during a half an hour of cycling in conditions similar to the Olympics in Rio for instance that he should drink during an hour approximately one liter of fluid to remain in a similar fluid balance and to maintain his performance if we can analyze the sweat samples Exercise physiology newcastle will know how much sodium bicarbonate.

We need to insert into the sports drink to maintain as well his electrolyte levels the next test boom performs is with lightweight single sculls Evelyn payment assessing which energy sources she is utilizing during exercise Evelyn is performing a rowing test in which we measure gas exchange the gas exchange tells us something about their threshold.

About her physical preparedness as well as her vow peak we are measuring pulmonary oxygen uptake that's how much her body is using an oxygen Exercise physiology newcastle are also looking at her carbon dioxide production is the number of routes is one that means she's using more carbohydrates and fats using a near-infrared spectroscopy device Boone can also assess the levels of both hemoglobin and myoglobin proteins.

That bind and then deliver oxygen to the body this is a near-infrared spectroscopy device it sends out near infrared lights and based on the scattering and absorption of the light we get an idea of the concentration of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin and myoglobin based on these data we can see what an exercise intensity does which they are to supply to the muscle.

So if Exercise physiology newcastle see a change in the concentration of hemoglobin that carries oxygen that gives us information of how much oxygen is transferred to the muscles and the oxygen is important to be able to perform the exercise so Exercise physiology newcastle have to look really into the details to be able to prescribe training more accurately