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It's an article written by a neuroscientist more in surf who's a professor and for years for over ten years he has students studying relationships and decision making and the relationship of decision-making on relationships and here's what he has Sydney guard Rails discovered that what Guard Rails Sydney have observed about people influencing other people isn't just behavioral it's actually neurological.

That something happens in your brain in fact in this study he determined or he they've discovered that our brain the brainwaves of people when they spend time together actually begin to look identical that the brainwaves before the behavior before the attitude change there is something that happens on the inside in our brains.

When we spend time with other people brain waves begin to line up now that's kind of scary that can encourage you or discourage you here's what he says a couple of statements from the article since the more we study engagement we see time and time again that just being next to certain people actually aligns your brain with them so look to your left look to your right.

That while we sit here together your brain waves are being aligned with him in fact it just happened it did let me tell you how it just happened words came out of my mouth I vibrated the air in the room and then you laughed with people you've never met with before it just happened your brain wave you just me making you laugh together kind of lines you up.

That's kind of scary he says this isn't just behavioral this is said this is neurological he goes on he says this and this is pretty powerful if people want to maximize happiness that's me and minimize stress that's you don't Guard Rails Sydney all want to maximize happiness and then of my stress look at this conclusion he draws they should build a life.

That requires fewer decisions how by surrounding themselves with people who embody the traits they prefer that if you surround yourself with people who embody that is live out the traits you prefer he says without any effort without any decision on your part your brain will begin to line up with the people who are becoming the kind of person that you ultimately want to be and think about that last statement he says over time.

They'll naturally pick up on those desirable attitudes and behaviors but the flipside is true as well over time you can pick up on undesirable attitudes and behaviors with no effort just being in proximity simply doing life with being with people who are moving in a particular direction something happens in your brain and in my brain now is that judgmental no that's just true this isn't about judgmental.

This is about exercising good judgment if this half automatically what should you do if this happens automatically how do I harness that how should I respond this isn't about being judgmental come on look come here this is about your future your future will be impacted by the people that you do life with now interestingly enough , years ago before Guard Rails Sydney were able to look at the brain King Solomon and Israel's third King you know there was solve and David.

Then his son Solomon became king considered one of the wisest men who've ever lived some people say the wisest man who will ever live , years ago he makes a statement that punctuates what Guard Rails Sydney have finally discovered , years ago here here's what Solomon wrote he said walk with the wise and you automatically with no effort no intentionality