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Garage doors: different types...

There are several types of garage doors. Very different from each other, they are to choose according to the dimensions and the configuration of your garage.

Tilting garage doors price.

The tilting garage doors is a very popular garage door. It uses a system of rails and is housed under the ceiling. Some counterweight models do not need rails. It can also be motorized. In this case, its price will be much higher. This door, however, has a small flaw: it is not at all suitable for small garages.

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Garage doors replacement:

The sectional garage doors.

The sectional garage door is very popular with consumers because it is very practical. It can have a vertical or lateral opening. In both cases, it is composed of several sliding panels. The latter are lodged along a wall, or under the ceiling. It offers excellent thermal insulation and has another advantage: it does not overflow to the outside.It does not lose any space in front of the garage, which is handy if your garage doors gives on the sidewalk. The sectional garage doors can be made of PVC, wood, aluminum or steel.

Price folding garage doors.

The folding garage doors is a door to open manually, thanks to a system of rails. Non-motorized , it is composed of 3 to 4 leaves. When opening the door, these panels fold accordion. It fits well to people who want to have maximum space in and in front of their garage. It is possible to find such a garage doors for cheap.

Roll-up garage doors price.

This door works on the same principle as a roller garage door. It frees space on the ceiling, because its blades are wound directly into a box. It corresponds well to small garages. In addition, it is easy to install and can receive a motorization. The roll-up garage door is also insulating because polyurethane foam is between its aluminum blades.

The swing garage doors.

This type of garage door is also called " French garage door ". Often made of wood, it is very easy to install. It works thanks to two doors that open outwards. As you can see, the swing garage door requires a lot of space in front of the garage. It is possible to motorize the swing door to facilitate its opening and closing.

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The sliding garage doors.

The sliding garage door simply slides on a metal rail to open and close. It is possible to choose between horizontal or vertical opening. Easy to install, this door takes up little space and is very easy to use.

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The motorized garage doors.

The motorized garage door is a home automation system that can be applied to almost any garage door: tilting, sectional, or roll able. This system is intended to facilitate the use of the garage door and reduce repetitive movements, which can sometimes hurt the back or arms. In other words, it allows to gain comfort, because it opens and closes itself. The price of a motorized garage doors varies dramatically depending on the type of garage door chosen.