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Examples of bathroom renovation projects

The bathroom is a very important room in the house. A haven of peace or a place to welcome our most urgent moments, it must be both practical and endowed with a certain aesthetic cachet. When it comes time to renovate a bathroom, one of the first steps is to inspect what needs to be changed. Then we move on to the planning and bathroom renovation for the new bathroom. 

During this part of the process, it's handy to use tools like Pinterest or decorating magazines to come up with ideas, whether it's for color choices, furniture, or item layout. With several thousand contractors in our network, we always discover magnificent examples of bathroom work carried out by them. So why not present a list of 10 of our favorite projects!

Here are examples of bathroom renovation projects:

1. A modern and warm bathroom

This bathroom benefits from a modern shower, a corner bath well integrated into the decor and plenty of space. All that remains is to add the towels and the bath mat to complete the modern but welcoming look.

2. A classic but cozy room

This classically decorated room inspires calm and well-being. Its layout is well suited to the shape of the room, letting in natural light while providing plenty of space for bathing and showering.

3. White and black smoothly

Nice little spa air in this bathroom, with strategic lighting, a stone wall that blends well with the textures on the floor and decorative elements that blend in subtly.

5. Stylish and subdued lighting

This small bathroom has a very distinguished style, with soft and pleasant lighting and a nice mix of colors and textures.

6. Small modern and trendy bathroom

This small bathroom makes good use of the available space. In addition, the mix of wood and stone textures is very trendy. 

7. Shades of wood, gray and blue

Another example of a beautiful modern bathroom but which adapts well to all tastes. There are some very interesting little details such as the fixtures suspended above the counter and the backsplash that returns inside the tile of the shower.

8. Large contemporary style bathroom

This bathroom has an enviable size and benefits from a configuration that allows to maintain a lot of circulation space. All that remains is to add a mirror over the sink to complete the layout of the room.