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The 7 advantages that a smart home will give you


The term smart home was something that, a few years ago, we could only contemplate in the special effects of the big screen. Those huge houses, where by voice control or with a clap they could turn the lights on or off, and raise or lower the blinds seemed unthinkable to use in our home. Until today.

With the advances in new technologies that have been added year after year, today we can make our installation capable of responding to our needs, even without us doing anything.

In our day to day there are multiple actions that are carried out repeatedly, such as activating or deactivating the house alarm or turning on the garden lights when it is night. These actions are often associated with your arrival, at the time of the day or associated with another action. With an intelligent system you can stop being aware of all those things to be able to dedicate yourself to what really matters.

Surely you have already heard about all this, but what you really want to know is exactly what we are talking about, well, here are 7 of the main advantages that you can have by making your home a “smart” space.

smart home

1. Observe what happens wherever you are

Not only will you be able to see what happens when the alarm goes off, but from your mobile device you will be able to connect to your home, in real time, wherever you are.

Whenever we talk about a protection system for our home, the first thing we want is for it to be safe and we always think that there has to be an alarm, but if we add the advantage of being able to observe what happens in your home at any time, this it becomes much more interesting and effective.

This allows you to be able to take care of yours in the distance. You can know when the children arrive from school and be sure that they are safe or simply what your pet is doing when it is alone at home.

2. Forget the alarm keys forever

How about if your alarm goes off when you leave the house and goes off when you arrive? It's that simple, without you having to do anything.

The mail, the bank card, the work mail ... Having one more password to remember in the digital world in which we live is somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, being able to get home and have the alarm disconnected only when our presence is detected, without having to enter any password and without having to rush is a great advantage.

3. Stop worrying about what is happening in your home

This advantage is also closely linked to being able to observe everything from anywhere, that is, the system will keep you informed by means of notifications whenever something unforeseen occurs or aspects of your installation that may be of interest to you. Like we have left a window open or simply know when our children arrive from school.

4. Avoid domestic accidents

We all know that children, on many occasions, are uncontrollable and touch everything. Having a safety device in the kitchen we can control the involuntary turning on of various electrical appliances in addition to identifying an oversight or forgetfulness in them in order to prevent an accident from occurring.

In addition, added to the incidents in the kitchen, water leaks are another of the headaches that we can have in our home. With an intelligent system we can identify a leak as soon as it occurs and even cut off the water supply immediately, thus avoiding further damage to our facility.

5. Control everything from a single system

Manage everything from the same application and enjoy a system whose devices complement each other, allowing you to manage your home from inside but also when you are away. All this thanks to the internet and new technologies. For a few years now, the latest generation smartphones and phones have made our lives much easier. Its use in home automation opens another door to the control and automation of our home.

6. Automate your installation

One of the characteristics that best defines smart homes is what at Automated innovation we call Access Control, meaning that the house responds to our needs by anticipating what may happen at a certain moment. That is, the automated system can act on different tasks influenced by many triggers such as a certain time of day, another device or simply your presence or location.

Therefore, an automated home adapted to your day-to-day life allows you to spend more time with your family, friends or simply relaxing.

7. Collaborate with responsible energy consumption

With the appropriate electronic device, we can achieve savings in energy consumption in our home. For example, having our device connected to the internet, it can know at what time it gets dark each day and turn off or on the garden lights autonomously, which will save us unnecessary electricity consumption.

Another example of this is that using an opening sensor we can control that when we have the air conditioning connected and we open a window, it is automatically disconnected so as not to lose energy and make an extra expense.

All these advantages and functionalities can be achieved with the automated innovation, which is characterized by making your home a smart place, through home automation and security devices that you can install easily and without the need for works in any type of installation. 

You can now make your installation a safer, more functional and comfortable place. In addition, the System is scalable, so that you can incorporate new functionalities as your needs increase.

What are you waiting for! Give life to your home so that it meets your needs without you having to.