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Savor a glass of wine, steps to follow

To savor a glass of wine, it is important to follow some steps that will make you enjoy this experience with all 5 senses. Also, if you are not an expert on the subject, but are passionate about wine, you will want to make the most of this opportunity. For this reason, we want you to enjoy the flavor more through some tips and so that when you drink a glass of wine you can enjoy it correctly. Do you want to impress your guests? Don't miss a detail of this article!

How to savor a glass of wine?

Throughout history, wine has been part of the great celebrations and significant moments of man. This is the reason why wine has evolved to become a drink of great variety and different classifications. Within this same evolution, specialists have managed to find methods to taste wine and appreciate each of its qualities. Are you interested? Here we will give you more detailed information:

Knowing the wine as a first step

How to tell if a wine is good? Through its history. A good wine is tasted knowing first its origin, who produces it and what its most important characteristics are. Some of the best wines usually have all this information on their labeling. In this way, your senses will be ready to enjoy the wine at its best.

When you are not an expert or do not have access to all this information, it is best to be advised by hvtours of the place where you buy or are going to drink that wine. In addition, they will give you advice on which wine suits you and is in accordance with your preferences or the menu that you are going to taste.

The correct temperature when savoring a glass of wine

One of the most important aspects in wine tasting is its temperature. For this reason, it is necessary to inquire about the ideal temperature of each wine. Do not forget that not all wines are tasted at the same temperature, because their properties can be significantly altered. In general, the wine labels indicate the ideal temperature at which they should be consumed. In the same way, here we give you a general guide:

wine tasting
  • Sweet wine: Between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade.
  • White wine: Between 6 and 9 degrees centigrade.
  • Aging red: Between 15 and 18 degrees centigrade.
  • Aging white: Between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade.
  • Red wine: Between 12 and 15 degrees centigrade.
  • Pink: Between 5 and 10 degrees centigrade.

Tasting wine at the exact temperature can make the big difference between having a good or bad experience at the time of your tasting.

Techniques for uncorking wine

Savoring a glass of wine also involves knowing how to open the bottle. To do it correctly you can follow some tips:

The corkscrew

Use a good quality item to open the wine bottle. Today we have many novel corkscrew alternatives to make this task easier for you. There are the traditional, electric, compressed air or 2-stroke. At this point, the main recommendation is not to break the cork.

Clean the bottle

You can use a clean cloth to rub the entire bottle, especially on the part of the mouth or the head. In this way you will ensure that nothing will modify the taste of the wine.

Using a wine aerator

This will help you taste the wine to a higher level. In addition, a decanter or aerator helps oxygenate the wine and decant its solid parts.

Properly serve a glass of wine

The first thing you should do is let the wine aerate. Then the container is taken from the bottom and served without the bottle touching the glass. Also remember that the poured wine should not exceed two thirds of the glass. Finally, the wines should never be mixed, if the glass has remains, it will have to be washed or changed for another.

Taste and savor a glass of wine

Here comes the step that we were all waiting for, the most sublime moment with wine: its tasting. The 5 senses play a very important role here, in order to enjoy the aromas of wine and all its nuances. To do it correctly you can follow this procedure:

  • Aerate the wine for at least a couple of minutes.
  • Very gently move the wine glass in a circular way so that all its components are incorporated.
  • Use your nose to find all the information about the wine through its aroma. Try smelling the wine before and after moving it so you can see the difference.
  • The glass should always be held by the neck so as not to alter the temperature of the wine with our body heat.
  • He begins to drink the wine in small quantities in order to concentrate its flavor in each sip.

Appreciate color

The color of the wine can give you very valuable information about it. For example, good quality white wine should be completely clean, without sediment. Although sometimes you can see some greenish and gold tones lighter or darker. In the case of red wines, the darkest ones are those that have been aged for a longer time in wood.

We hope that from now on you will start to savor a glass of wine in a different way and can enjoy it more.