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The importance of physiotherapy today


The importance of physiotherapy today has become very notable since it is one of the most requested treatments with respect to the health services provided by both public and private health institutions.

However, surely there are many people who are not clear about what this discipline is about and how it can benefit us. Next, we are going to offer you information about physical therapies to explain what is important for our day to day.


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is developed through exercises for therapeutic purposes. For example, the application of cold or heat in affected areas, rehabilitation in the water, orthopedic massages, etc. All that goes after diagnosis has been made. This can be based on radiographic, electrical or manual tests to measure the magnitude of the injury and musculoskeletal strength and mobility. Each test provides accurate data on the capabilities, functionality and range of motion of the joints. With this information, the physio will help us regain mobility or alleviate pain of various origin.

And what instruments do physios use?

The instrument par excellence of all good physiotherapists are their hands, which together with their knowledge of the human body allows them to apply the appropriate techniques according to the needs of each patient. In fact, it is a specialty that stands out above another for the personalization of treatment based on the pathology, focusing on the areas of pain. However, it analyzes the whole body, this allows to assess the origin of the pain and focus the treatment from a global and partial perspective.

In addition, the physios accompany the treatment with specific exercises for adequate recovery. IMPORTANT! Physical therapy is not only useful for people who suffer from physical disabilities or muscle pain. It is also a highly recommended option for the prevention of pain, especially in sports or forced labor patients, even for healthy people who seek to prevent degenerative diseases.


One of the most popular specialties in physical therapy is traumatology, related to the musculoskeletal system. These are highly requested by people who practice sports, whether amateur or professional, because it is very helpful in case of pathologies such as fractures, sprains, injuries to cartilage, knees or hips, malformations derived from bad postures, etc. Other pathologies that are usually the main causes of consultation are cervical pain and low back pain. Often related to professional activity.

Other relevant specialties are neurology that treats pathologies such as stroke, stroke, hemiplegia, etc. All of these conditions are related to the nervous system and can occur as a consequence of cerebrovascular diseases. Finally, highlight the cardiorespiratory physiotherapy that helps before and facilitate recovery after cardiac and / or respiratory surgery.

Why is physical therapy important?

Physiotherapy comprehensively treats all pathologies that affect various apparatus and systems of our body, but especially the muscular system, partially or totally restoring function, caused by surgery or disease. Just as the surgeon repairs the damaged structure, the physiotherapist restores its function through the most advanced techniques and / or specialties for this, being the structural manual therapy, facial treatment and puncture the most prominent.

All this is done from an integrative and global vision of the person, through an exhaustive and detailed analysis with the aim of designing and carrying out the most optimal treatment, which allows the patient to return to the activities of daily life and your work activity as quickly as possible.

An example of the importance of physiotherapy today is back pain (neck pain, back pain and low back pain). It is one in all the primary causes of leave of absence and it's where physiotherapy plays an important role in your recovery, with physiotherapy being the treatment of choice with the most scientific evidence.

It is also worth mentioning the role of the physiotherapist in the prevention and treatment of various more benign pathologies, such as epicondylitis, tendonitis, etc. And sportsman's injuries, where early and specialized treatment considerably reduces recovery times.

Do you also have back pain? Cervicalgia’s? Low back pain? Do not hesitate to contact us, since Transcend health puts the best professionals at your service. We will wait for you!