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How to know if I have hired a professional locksmith?

Unfortunately, the world is not full of honest and responsible people. In recent years, the locksmith industry has been filled with unprofessional people calling themselves locksmiths to scam people. Hence, today, we know which locksmith we are hiring, a fake or a professional? Many times it is not easy to distinguish one from the other, although there are certain factors and details that can help you detect a professional locksmith. Next, we explain how to know if you have hired a professional locksmith.

professional locksmith in Newcastle

There are many scam locksmiths, why?

Labor intrusion is not exclusive to locksmiths. Scammers exist in every profession in the world, so we should not be surprised that there are many scammers in the noble craft of locksmith. First of all, it must be established that the concept of "scammer locksmith" corresponds to anyone who offers a locksmith service without being a registered locksmith and in exchange for a certain amount of money.

Within the wide range of scam locksmiths that exist, we can clearly distinguish those who do their job well and charge surprisingly cheap rates and those who do not manage to provide us with the service you need and still charge us very expensive rates (in relation to price quality). Beyond that, they all have in common that they do not offer an invoice or, in other words, they do not charge VAT, so their services have no guarantee and there is no legal way to claim them in case they do not comply with what is agreed as it is. due.

The existence of scam locksmiths is fueled by customers looking for cheap locksmith services or by those who are desperate to fix a problem as quickly as possible and hire the first locksmith they find at the gate doors.

What characterizes a professional locksmith?

The vast majority of professional locksmiths have a headquarters and a telephone, or in any case they are affiliated with a recognized locksmith company. If a locksmith does not have a headquarters where you can visit him to check rates or other aspects, then doubt him. Most likely he is a scammer. However, you can always check the reputation of the locksmith on the Internet and read opinions of people who have hired him to find out if he is a fake or if he is a true professional.

Professional locksmiths offer a wide range of services

Professional locksmiths are instructed to know how to act in different situations that require them. Hence, they have the necessary skills to offer a wide variety of locksmith services in Newcastle or wherever they are needed, such as if you are looking for locksmiths in all suburbs. In contrast to scam locksmiths who are normally only able to offer two or three services and nothing more. This shows that scam locksmiths are ordinary people, without experience or training, who have learned to do a simple repair job and believe they have the necessary skills to make a living from locksmithing.

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When looking for a locksmith company, make sure they offer more services than traditional ones, such as window installation services or security systems assembly.

Free estimates

True professional locksmiths have no problem giving you a no obligation quote. In fact, that's the best way to transparently publicize your rates and services without misleading people. On the other hand, scamming locksmiths do not worry that the client knows all the expenses they will make in the service to be provided. They even prefer not to say their rates and then increase them once they finish providing the service, thus scamming the customer.

Also, we recommend you never pay before the labor has been executed. A professional locksmith company will never charge you before performing the service. Likewise, make sure that the budget makes clear all the expenses to be made in the locksmith service, as well as the corresponding VAT. Follow all these tips and you won't waste your time and money with scam locksmiths.

But if you feel that you have been with the locksmith service that you have recently hired, you can claim it and take legal action, for this we recommend that you have lawyers who are experts in scams of this type.