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The 3 keys to a selection process

We have talked before about the importance of taking care of our potential employees, for example during the onboarding process. Today we continue in our desire to help all those companies that are growing or that want to improve their attraction of talent, and we discover the 3 key points that you should always think about during the selection processes so that you can recruit the best candidates.

3 Tips for a successful recruitment

1- Take care of the management of the recruitment processes

We have already said in other articles, the process of selecting a company can be a very good indicator of its business culture and can greatly affect its employer branding and attractiveness, as we will see below.

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In the same way that we must choose the right human resources software to manage our employees, we must also choose a program that suits our needs when it comes to attracting and hiring talent. A good tool for managing selection processes will avoid wasting time, money and will make your selection processes more effective and efficient

Thus, using specific software for recruiting will help you to optimize these processes and will bring you, both you and your company as a whole, great advantages:

  • Centralization of the process: in a single space and place you can have everything related to the recruitment processes. Enough of having the CVs on the one hand, and the notes that you have collected in the interviews and other data on the other!
  • Digitization: the paper is clearly in decline. Digitizing the entire process will allow you to advance in the digitization process and will allow you to work on the processes anywhere you have a device with an Internet connection
  • Collaboration: a unique tool will also allow you to collaborate in an easier, more effective and efficient way with the rest of your colleagues. You can even open certain data to other branches that you may have or to customers who must participate in the process so that they can contribute to decision-making
  • Automation: this part will save you many hours of work. Gone are the times of having to write all the data by hand and many other routine tasks. Now you can automate them digitally. Focus on what really matters to you. Focus on recruiting talent!
  • Structuring: order is another element that working with a suitable tool gives you. In addition to helping you find everything you are looking for much faster, it will allow you to live among chaotic mountains of papers on your table. Everything on one screen, everything organized

2- Find the ideal candidate

Now is the time to get going to attract the talent you are looking for. Here are some recommendations to find the ideal candidate:

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Quality prevails at the expense of quantity: it might seem that the more options to choose from, the better, that the greater the CV collection you do, the better, and you are not misguided, but beyond quantity you should prioritize quality. Having many options to choose from is fine, but the ones you have are good. It is better to have 10 proposals of interesting potential candidates, of which 9 you consider interesting and you have trouble deciding between them, than to have 100 proposals of interesting potential candidates, but of which only 1 you find interesting

If you are looking for highly specialized profiles, your problem may not lie in having few CVs, but in getting some contact as they can be very difficult positions to fill. For these cases, focus your objective on sharpening the search and trying to locate in detail the best options you find. Do not generalize the search.

How to attract talent?

Attracting talent to your company is a mixture of art, talent, sacrifice and, above all, work, a lot of work, a job that must be scheduled and in which you must not stop performing the following tasks:

  • Publish the offer: it is understood by the task of announcing the job offers in the different existing portals. To avoid wasting time, effort and also money, it is important that you target these ads well on those portals that are most suitable for the profile you are looking for and targeting them very well. Think that it is estimated that in reality only 15% of all the people registered in these portals are actively seeking employment.
  • Search: Headhunting, that is, you directly contact the potential candidates that interest you by obtaining data from external databases. A variant is to contact former candidates from your own company. The second option will be easier for you and you will obtain a higher rate of return, on the contrary, with the first option you will be able to reach a broader market of candidates, but with a lower response rate (it is calculated that only between 6 and 15% of contacts made to candidates from external bases offer an answer)
  • Employer Branding: one of the fundamental keys is here. Create your own employee search page and make the offers public through your corporate social networks. Do not forget the explanation of your company and how interesting it will be to work in it, but always being honest and clear about the responsibilities that the position entails. It is a direct way of communicating with candidates and for them to reach you.

3- Experience offered to candidates

Again, it is interesting to note that when you are looking for an employee it is not just about looking for someone to hire bureaucratically, period, it is about offering a satisfactory experience to the candidates.

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Plan the process so that candidates feel cared for, welcomed and valued at all times. Do not lose that focus, even when the time comes to discard any candidate at some stage of the selection process.

These 3 tips may seem very basic, but it is essential to always keep them in mind and not neglect them if what you want is to optimize the selection and recruitment processes while working to improve or maintain a good employer brand.

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