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Tips and tricks for traveling at Christmas

We are already in December, the month of Christmas, presents, binges on food and big celebrations. Festive lights decorate the streets, the shopping cart fills with nougats, shopping malls collapse, and we travel to reunite with our families and loved ones. At this time, airports, stations and highways are packed with people, so if you are going to travel this Christmas, pay attention to our advice so that everything goes smoothly. Don't let a trip make your Christmas bitter!

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You decide to go to a fairy tale destination where gingerbread houses predominate with snow, or brave the cold on a paradise island where the sun shines for Christmas and change the nougat for a delicious margarita, you should know that at this time there is a lot of movement So, if what you want is to spend Christmas quietly as a couple or as a family, don't go where Vicente goes, because all the people go.

The Christmas is a great time to discover new destinations to escape the topic of these parties. Go ahead and visit a small mountain town or a smaller and less known city, the Christmas atmosphere brings charm to the most unexpected places and surely that way you can enjoy more intimate and warm parties in which to recover the essence of Christmas: be with loved ones.

Book in advance

Wherever you go, there is something unbeatable, book in advance. The month of December is one of the dates with the most air traffic and crowds of people. If you've been thinking about your Christmas getaway for a long time, don't wait until the last minute to get your flights, book your hotel or your tickets to a show. The longer you take, the less chance of finding a place and the more options to increase costs. Ideally, you should book at least one month in advance. Hurry you can still organize a good trip!

Flights at Christmas

If you already have your tickets, remember that like you there will be more people flying on December 23 or 24, so try to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance if you have to check in your suitcase. If, on the other hand, you are one of the lucky ones who only travel with hand luggage, check in online, you will save time and tedium waiting in queues.

If you don't have a friend, relative, or benefactor who can bring you closer to the airport, book a taxi service to bring you closer to the terminal and a transfer service to bring you closer to your hotel, once at the destination. With time and planning, everything works out better.

Luggage and gifts

As you know, around this time Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men come loaded with gifts. If you do not want to run the risk of losing them in the holds of the plane, I recommend that you send them by courier to the destination you are traveling to, it is the best way to make sure that Santa Claus has prepared the surprise that you have requested in your letter and the best way to avoid unforeseen events and controls at the airport that will make you waste time. Ah! And if he leaves you any more surprises at the destination, don't forget to pack an extra bag in your suitcase, so you can bring everything back.

Roads and cars at Christmas

Before getting in the car, check that everything works correctly, do a small check at the mechanic so that you do not get thrown in the ditch with the cold. Remember to watch out for traffic and don't forget to bring snow chains, you never know what might happen. Leave home early and stop from time to time to rest, remember: safety first, so don't be in a hurry to get there, just worry about getting there.

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Always communicated and available

Planning your Christmas getaway is ideal, but we are not used to scenarios where everything works out perfectly, you never know what can happen, and when you least expect it, your great friend Murphy appears. For those little unforeseen events or such inappropriate and unwanted mishaps, you should always try to be available. Keep your mobile at hand, try to carry it with a full battery and, in case you fly, bring your phone charger with you in your bag or hand luggage, it can save your life on more than one occasion and avoid unnecessary worries.

Little travel companions

If you are excited about Christmas as an adult, multiply that feeling by 10. That's how excited a child feels when they see Christmas approaching knowing that the next morning they will have a reward for having behaved well throughout the year. To this excitement add the little patience and the ease of getting bored that these little adults possess. So that your trip doesn't become one of 'Have we arrived yet? it is best to take books, games, music or even a tablet with all that and more to entertain the most kids.


Those faithful friends also want to celebrate Christmas, if you take them on a trip abroad remember to have a valid dog or cat passport so that they are well received at the destination. Ah! In case of traveling with animals, check with your hotel if they accept pets, if this is not possible, do not forget that there are kennels and hotels for pets where to lodge them during your holidays.