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7 things that you should never do in a hotel

Although you may feel at home, remember that you are not alone.

Although its leaders intend to make us feel like we were at home, we cannot forget that hotels establishments are shared with other guests and, therefore, require compliance with certain rules, many of them unwritten.

During the stay, it is essential, above all, to be cautious and be careful with the rest of the clients and above all, with the staff who attend us. This will largely depend on whether our experience is pleasant and pleasant. Therefore, it is worth remembering some basic rules and some other advice that you should keep in mind when you stay in a hotel.

making noise

Make noise

Shouting in the corridors, TV or loud music, conversations in excessive tones, clicking in the room, excessively loud. Without a doubt, one of the things that annoys the rest of the guests the most and that alters the most coexistence in a hotel is noise. And there is nothing more irritating than not being able to reconcile the floor or waking up in the middle of the night because of an inconsiderate neighbor.


Lower your guard on hygiene

We all agree that cleanliness is one of the priority requirements when choosing a hotel. We demand to find clean bathrooms, bedrooms, common spaces, sheets or towels, but we often ignore that some corners of our room can be plagued with germs.

As a preventive measure, we recommend that you pay special attention to those surfaces, whose cleaning is more difficult or less frequent. This is the case of bedspreads, cushion covers, curtains and, especially sofas or chairs. Also, don't overlook the bacteriological potential of your hair dryer or TV remote control. The lack of time of the staff in charge of cleaning means that, according to different studies, they are not properly disinfected.

Take what you want when you leave the room

Not everything you find in the room is for you. Of course, all this is for your use during the stay, but there are objects that are simple courtesy, such as the bathrobe or towels, the centerpieces or the cutlery. If you like them and your wish is to take them home, you can request it from the reception staff. Hotels usually foresee the sale to clients who want a souvenir of the establishment.

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On the other hand, you can keep certain amenities, one of the details most valued by customers. The most common products are hygiene products, such as shampoo bottles, bath gel, body lotion, toothbrush or pens, pencils and notepads.

Get hold of the minibar

We will not deny that the temptation to reach for the minibar is great, but doing so can mean a considerable financial outlay. And it is that for a bottle of water or any other soft drink you will pay the taste and the desire. Be proactive and buy it in a store or supermarket.

Don't be too clever either: some consume the products and replace them afterwards without knowing that many hotels use sensors that, simply by handling a bottle, are automatically charged into account.

Relax on security issues

Hotels pay special attention to security, but you shouldn't lower your guard for that. Do not leave pieces of value, money or jewelry in visible places. It is best to put it in the room's safe or, if it is not available, hand it over to the hotel reception. Do not forget either the open door showing your personal belongings to those who pass by it and remember to close the window if it is easily accessible.

In terms of technology, do not send confidential information through the hotel's Wi-Fi, you will avoid risks.

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Do not stay in your room with a person who is not registered or who exceeds the number of guests contemplated in the contracted rate, or a pet, if the hotel does not consider this possibility. Also, don't throw a cigarette in a non-smoking room. All of these situations and a few more could lead to steering problems.

Being rude and losing decorum

If you boast of being an educated person, you must display this condition at all times. Don't forget to say hello and be kind to the reception staff, the room cleaners or the waiters. They do their job and don't expect them to be on hand to satisfy whims and nonsense. Be grateful for what they do for you: you will undoubtedly receive better treatment.

Even if you feel at home, remember that you are not, so take care of the way you dress at all times. Do not walk in a bathrobe down the hall or go to breakfast in a bathing suit. The last thing is to lose the forms!

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In most hotels -especially those of a superior category- the staff enters the room more than once during the day to check any details. If you don't want someone to surprise you naked when you're in the shower, close the bathroom door or don't forget to put the corresponding “do not disturb” sign on the door. You will avoid more than one start Sure!